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I started working with Stidum after a year of lackluster results on my own.We’ve been working together three weeks, and although I have not had any dates yet, the caliber of guys I’m attracting is better, and I’ve had a couple of promising phone calls.

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She then decided to write She Dates Savvy, because of her own online dating success.For example, 80% of Tinder users say that — not a hookup — is what they’re looking for.Not only are people who are meeting online getting married sooner, but their marriages are also lasting longer than those of couples who didn’t meet online.For instance, use the information in his profile to message your interest in him. The biggest misconception about online dating is that there is something wrong with you if you need to resort to it, Stidum said. “They will come on strong with flowery flattery,” she says.Online dating is an efficient use of your time: “It makes sense. You cannot go anywhere and meet that many men looking for a relationship anywhere else.” Younger clients make the mistake of meeting a guy after just a couple of messages. She recommends no more than two weeks of messaging and that should lead to a phone call or two. Watch out for a man who does not want to move toward a face-to-face meeting, makes excuses about moving away from messaging or texting and asks to communicate on Whats App, she says. Use a Google number — it’s free and easy to sign up. But coaching can help you see things from a different perspective and remind you if your potential match talks about sex right away, move on!

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