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Details: Brooke met Chase while she was a Clean Teen and they began dating.

After Brooke revealed secrets they continued dating after a rough patch when Brooke promised there would be no more surprises.

She later found out he was her new English teacher and they began a secret relationship until Rachel told of them.

This resulted in Brooke finding out Nick had cheated on her and she ended the relationship.

Their love story began in 2009 when mutual friend and star, Jensen Ackles, set them up on a blind date.

The two ended their relationship when Brooke received temporary custody of Angie because he didn't want the commitment of a child.She gives birth to twin boys, and she and Julian name them Davis and Jude.Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton kept their relationship secret for so long, Burton gave birth to their son, Augustus, before the couple even went public with their romance.Which TV actors found their co-stars appealing off camera? Looking for more theories, recaps, and insider info on all things TV? The community is a space for you to share articles, discuss last night’s episode of your favorite show, or ask questions!co-stars together for a holiday-set romantic comedy.

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