Omg did you hear im dating a jonas brother

Emily: Awesome, Ive been wanting to see that forever! *Sits on the other side of the theatre with Emily*(After the movie)Emily and Mitchel: *Making out*Mitchel: *Pulls away* The movies over!? Kevin: Im positive Joe: *Gives him a man hug* Dont worry, well call you everyday Kevin: Be right back *Runs upstairs, gets a small box, runs back down and gives it to Joe*Joe: Whats this?

Kevin: Ashley just broke up with me, turns out shes been having an affair with Zac Joe: Dude thats rough Kevin: So Im moving to Georgia with mom and dad Joe: Whoa, are you sure you wanna do that?

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*WITH SELENASelena : *Staring at the phone* Come on!

Leighton: *Hugs him* So what was with the frying pan? Mitchel: Well if you excuse me, I have to get ready for my date! Mitchel: *Smiles and goes upstairs*WITH ASHLEY AND DEMIDemi: *Sighs* Im bored! Miley: Yeah, but everything that happened, me pregnant I just wanted to get away from everything Nick: So you killed our child? Miley: Id love too *Hugs him and they walk back inside hand in hand*David: *Walks up to Miley, leans into kiss her* Hey babe Miley: *Pushes him away* Get away from me! Im with Nick now *Walks away with Nick to Demi and the gang*David: *Sighs and goes back to Selena*Demi: *Walks to Selena* Hey Sel!

Ed: *Hides the frying pan behind him* Nothing Leighton: *Runs downstairs and sees the dog chasing his tail*Ed: See I didnt do anything! *They go to the bowling alley*WITH MILEY AND DAVIDDavid: *Making dinner*Miley: *Watching the TV* Oh, look whats on! David: I agree *Gives her a plate of food*Miley: Thanks *Starts eating and then she sees Nick and Macy kissing, sighs* I miss those days David: What? Miley: *Looks over to David and sees him making out with Selena* Pretty much over by the looks of it *Tears up*Nick: Im so sorry Miley *Wipes away her tears*Miley: Its fine *Runs outside and breaks down crying on the sidewalk*Nick: *Runs after her and sits next to her* Miley? Miley: Cause, I wanted a new start Nick: You werent happy with me? Miley: More than anything *Kisses him passionately*Nick: *Deepens it and pulls her close*Miley: *Pulls away and puts her forehead against his* Nick: Miley, will you be my girlfriend again?

Nick: *Calls for an ambulance*Joe: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!

Nick: *Holds Mileys hand and carries her downstairs*Joe: *Calls Demi* DEMI!

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