Office is updating

It’s best for Microsoft if customers simply accept their default updating procedure where updates are automatically downloaded and installed.

See your current Office setting at File | Account | Office Updates.

I have ticked "give me updates of other Microsoft components also".

I see Windows update updating non-installed components (Access, One Drive, One note, Outlook, Power Point, publisher, Visio, Skype) also.

Updating Office or Windows isn’t an easy choice, you’re taking a risk no matter what you choose.

Star Trek fans know about these ‘no win scenarios’ aka ‘Kobayashi Maru’ At we’re often asked what to do about updating and, frankly, it’s hard for us to give a simple answer.

Like any trainee Starfleet officer, Microsoft customers are caught with a ‘no-win scenario’ of bad options.

Office and Windows are updated separately for security bug fixes, other bug fixes plus feature changes and additions.

Visit Stack Exchange In my Microsoft Office 2016, I use only word and excel and have shared features, office tools also installed.

I have selected "not in my pc", and not "run on first use".

Are there still certain parts of those non-installed components that it still installs even when I have selected not to install them and will never use them? Office has shared compodents, you are recieving those updates to those products, due to those shared components that are installed.

The downside of delaying is the risk of Zero Day (0-day) attacks.

These are security bugs which hackers discover and start using to attack computers BEFORE the software makers know about the problem and can produce a bug fix to prevent successful infiltration.

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