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I was offered some last minute concert tickets for the following day, so I texted him and asked if he would want to go with me.

He said he would love to and again he made arrangements for us to meet for dinner beforehand and then go to the concert.

I am sorry this email has probably turned out way longer than it needed to be, but I didn’t know how else to give you an accurate background of events to paint a clear picture.

I am sure I have left out much too…it is hard to capture in an email.

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I wanted to know if it is worth trying to save, by doing things different on my part or if it can even be changed around at this point?The day after that, he took off for another week-long business trip and then a week to see his mother in Colorado.So of course, I glorified the sexual experience and had an expectation that he would do the same and when he did not, I mistakenly took it personal, even though I know better.I am not that girl, but for some reason, I was with him…ouch.I am actually working on a project having to do with online dating and he had agreed to allow me to interview him, so that was one of the reasons we spoke last night and discussed getting together, but I know he desires to have sex with me.

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