Ocd and dating

Anorexics, in particular, exhibit faulty perceptions of body image, an irrational fear of gaining weight, and other food-related obsessions thereby leading to the categorical refusal to eat.

As for bulimics, their disorder is characterized by a consumption of abnormally large quantities of food, followed by overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame.

As with an OCD sufferer who can never achieve that “just right” feeling on a specific task, so too is a bulimic prevented from ever reaching his or her goals of fullness and emptiness in an endless binge-purge cycle.

In other words, since the behaviors that result from both OCD and eating disorders may appear so similar, it might be difficult to determine which of the two disorders the patient actually has if both are simultaneously present, and if so, which disorder is mainly responsible for bringing about the other.

Ever since 1939 researchers have speculated on the parallels between OCD and eating disorders.

In both anorexia and bulimia the individual clearly becomes preoccupied by incessant thoughts revolving around body image, weight gain, and food intake, leading to ritualistic methods of eating dieting and exercising.

The common thread linking both of these disorders to OCD is the overwhelming presence of obsessions and compulsions that eventually affects the individual’s daily functioning, even to the extent of becoming incapacitated.

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