Objectdatasource updating event

If you want to manipulate your updated values, then I'd do this within the Row Updating handler.

But I frequently don't mark it right away because I feel once a thread is marked as answered, discussion tends to end. No, you will have access to the Old Values only in the Grid View. The handlers are meant to be used one after another.So far I have this: Codebehind: Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. My code: //No objectdatasource how can I conduct a search? Da...update panel to update datasource and gridview I'm using a update panel that contains a textbox, a gridview and a data source.I've put some code in the page load so that when the user enters text into the textbox it changes select command for the datasource so that the select command has a WHERE in it and then changes select command back when there is no text in the text box.Otherwise, if bound manually, you have to handle the Row Updating, Row Deleting, etc. When I press the second time this error comes: Failed to load viewstate. NET 2003 extensively and exploited all features like drag and drop functions for creating components, drag and drop data access components... NET 2003 allows creating sqldataadapter for table mapping , stored proc parameters mappings etc.. NET 2005, there is no way we can drag the typed dataset, sqldata adapter, sqlcommand on forms designer . Inside each object is another object with car items that I need to bind to another gridview for each row of carts. Object Data Source - Selectcount method with custom parameters and custom paging.protected void obds_Selecting(object sender, Object Data Source Selecting Event Args e) { if (! The control tree into which viewstate is being loaded must match the control tree that was used to save viewstate during the previous request. We can drag pretty much any object on component designer.... I was hoping to get it to work by doing this to the inner gridview This doesn't seem to work, eval doesn't like an object I guess. How to use update, insert or delete method in Grid View or Detail View by using objectdatasource object?

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