Muslim dating rituals

The day of her wedding the bride is bathed by the older women in her family as they “cleanse her of her childhood”. the joining of the couple is performed by a village elder who gives them advice and offers prayers on their behalf… Berber African wedding rituals make concessions for women to ensure that they are well taken care of.

Once a year during the Berber brides’ fair, all single women – never-married virgins, widows and divorcees – all come to find their future mates.

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Understandably in western culture that would be a big no-no I suppose, but actually, among the Swazi, it is believed that it is part of the reigning king’s duties to take on and support as many wives as possible.The men however have to prove their worth by engaging in a competition with each other known as a Donga stick fight.This is a somewhat violent stick fight where the only rule is not to kill your opponent…During their marriage and courtship celebrations the young men and women spend a lot of time painting and adorning their bodies in a bid to attract members of the opposite sex.The Surma have two options when it comes to their own wedding rituals.

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