Mindfulness dating

In the frenetic pursuit of romantic partnership, I found myself swiping away on dating apps, responding to unavailable men, creating a false sense of attachment by having sex too soon, and drinking myself into oblivion on one too many first dates.

I said I wanted a long-term romantic partner, someone who I could expose my raw self to, someone who could understand and be with me in authentic vulnerability.Therapy had been there all along, and got me through the break-up and everything leading up to it.At this stage, my therapist and I worked hard to figure out that what I most wanted was to bring myself back online, cultivate a mindful stance in dating, deepen a burgeoning spiritual practice, and stop betraying myself in the search for real love.Jenn back for another fun and insightful round of candid conversation.During this episode, we dive deeper into cultural norms and preconceived ideas of how a person’s gender plays a role in their dating life, how faith and religion may influence dating decisions, respecting a person’s boundaries, broaching the subject of sexual contact and so much more. [] It’s all about context and honoring people’s boundaries.

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