Mike rowe who is he dating

According to outside.about.com, in an interview with Mike Rowe: " About a year ago, after his appearance on Leno, Rowe took his first two-week vacation since Dirty Jobs started, holing up at a spa in Napa Valley with his longtime girlfriend, Sandy-an executive at a data-management company-and a case of wine.

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Some sources claimed that he went as far as engaging Danielle, but he hasn’t said anything to that effect.When a man’s career has been as successful as that of Mike Rowe, one would expect that everything should be complete in his life by now.Part of that everything being complete includes having a wife and putting a definite answer to the plural question of his sexual orientation.Additionally, Microsoft provided Rowe with a subscription to the Microsoft Developer Network, an all expenses paid trip for him and his family to the Microsoft Research Tech Fest at their headquarters in Redmond, Washington, training for Microsoft certification and an Xbox with a selection of games.Following the case it was suggested by Struan Robertson – editor of – that Microsoft had little choice but to pursue the issue once it had come to light or they would have risked weakening their trademark.

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