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He wore a baseball cap low over his eyes, thinking that this might help disguise his appearance.

Yet, despite the care he took, not even calling his parents, he was nevertheless pulled aside for questioning on the street.

Within a couple of months, because she was unable to get a visa to come and visit me (which is still a common issue, but is improving), I was back on my way to China for a second 2 week visit with the woman I was so infatuated with, and during those two weeks we planned on a life together and I planned on selling my law practice, moving to China and setting up a coffee shop by day and pub by night as a new lifestyle. After 3 years with my first Chinese love things started to sour.

While there were definitely some cross-cultural hurdles that got in the way, I think our relationship ended because we just were not the right people for each other.

Miraculously, it worked — the system, it seemed, hadn’t registered that he had traveled abroad and that he had graduated from college more than three years earlier. Several days later he left to finish his Master’s degree, promising to return two years later.

Now two years had passed and their future “love marriage” had been thrown into question by the pressure of the Uyghur reeducation system.

But secondly, upon meeting my second Chinese date I was instantly even more captivated by her.

She was exotic, beautiful and so full of personality that I was completely smitten within a few hours.

After we split up I dated various Chinese ladies over a couple of years, as well as a couple of Thai women in Thailand, a couple of Filipinas who lived and worked in China and even one Czech woman who I met online but got together with in Thailand.The first three-day date was a bit of a disaster, but when I landed in Shenzhen it was quite a different story.First, Shenzhen is an amazing city and I was captivated by it from the first drive into the city from the airport.In May 2017, Nurzat took a risky trip back to Xinjiang to see her.They spent 10 days in a hotel near the Ürümchi airport, seldom going out for fear that Nurzat would be checked by the police and questioned about his time abroad.

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