Made in chelsea francis boulle speed dating

Millie, sighting the couple’s arrival, tells an a disappointed Caggie, who had agreed with Spencer to spend some time apart from each other. She says they’ve often spoken openly about something happening in the future. Misha suggests doing something to help blind people, as her mum is partially sighted. playfully suggests he and Spencer have a bet on each other’s shooting prowess, which Spencer agrees to. He in turn asks about Spencer’s history with her, but he tells him not to worry.

He got stuck in in series 11 and made a beeline for Jess Woodley as they bonded over their mutual love of skateboarding. has invited some of the group to Ascot for a clay pigeon shoot. While the three of them fail to agree on an event idea, Agne steps in with the suggestion that they do an auction of male bachelors for dates. Buying Agne lunch, Francis praises her help of coming up with the auction’s idea, but reminds her hierarchically she’s under him, and asks her to make suggestions in private. Beginning to flirt, Francis finds it slightly inappropriate in a working environment – in response, Agne tells him she is grateful that he sees her as a professional rather than an object of desire. Spencer inquires as to how things are with Caggie, and C. Millie tells Rosie she’s moved on from Fredrik, and points out Hugo as closer to her type. With the shoot over, Hugo joins Rosie and Millie, telling them he’s beginning to dread his date with Amber for fear of having no common ground with her. Caggie tells a curious Spencer that nothing is happening between her and C.Spencer privately apologises to Funda for the recent turbulence in their relationship. Caggie admits she cares about Spencer more than she should as a friend, and thinks Spencer probably feels similar.A busy Amber joins Hugo for lunch at Mews of Mayfair.Conversation turns to Rosie, with Amber having a lot of praise for her friend. Asking about Francis’ auction, Hugo reveals he’s one of the men being auctioned for a date which Rosie says she’ll bid on.

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