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When Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are sent to live with their grandmother Relda, they learn they’re the descendants of the famous Brothers Grimm.

And the brothers’ famous book is actually a case file of all the monsters they encountered.

She thought they were just stories made up by parents to scare their children, but then she meets the beautiful and mysterious Severine.

And bewitching Corrine’s father is just the first step in a larger plan for Severine to claim the entire island for the Jumbies, and to stop her, Corrine will have to gather all her courage and get a handle on magical abilities she didn’t know she had.

When Benjamin’s father suddenly disappears, he and Janie must use the apothecary’s secret book, the Pharmacopoeia, to find him.

After chasing a lost pig into the forest, Taran is injured and rescued by Prince Gwydion, who takes Taran along with him in a journey to take on the Horned King. That is, unless he can find seven magical loculi hidden inside the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Summoned to a mysterious island alongside three other kids, a secret organization promises to save their lives by uniting the seven pieces together.

Though the wonders have been lost for thousands of years, Jack and the others accept, and make their way to the first wonder at the Colossus of Rhodes where they learn they’ll have to save more than their own lives.

, landed in bookstores, but it’s still being widely read by kids today.

Since Percy, Riordan’s also journeyed into other mythological traditions including Norse (Magnus Chase), Egyptian (the Kane siblings), and gone back to Greek (Apollo).

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