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Secondly, it assumes thatbecause instant messaging is a more informal mode of communication than face-to-face, e-mailor telephone interaction (Kim, Kim, Park, & Rice, 2005; Zack & Doherty, 1992), the culture willpromote a sense of creativity and community.Because of the unique content and unconventional organizational structure of the site, nosingle theoretical perspective offers a way of understanding its organizational context andcontent.

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While current research (Hayes, Singer & Ceppos, 2007; Kaye & Johnson, 2002; Singer, 2006; Stempel, Hargrove, & Bernt, 2000) frequently examines how websites operatewithin the media sphere or the use of CMC for interpersonal communication (Bailenson, Yee, Blascovich, & Guadagno, 2008; Polkosky, 2008), few have specifically considered the medium’sutilization of a completely virtual newsroom. Oneassumption of this research is that a virtual newsroom will utilize a more lateral powerconfiguration, rather than a hierarchical organizational structure.As celebrity weekly magazines continue to survive the volatile marketplaceand conventional print publications continue to struggle, sites such as Jezebel are tapping in tothe cultural zeitgeist by appealing to an assortment of appetites.From a traditional media standpoint, many new media products operate outside ofconventional standards and principles, where competition and self-preservation outweigh thefundamental role of the press as cooperative watchdog of society.Literature Review Organization Theory This research refers to two established dimensions of organization theory, the clinical andinterpretive paradigm, to examine the organizational culture and leadership roles in anorganization (Denison, 1996).This model, examined by Schein (2004), contextualizesoccupational cultures from the individual and social levels that shape an organization and itsdecision-making processes.

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