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She is of American nationality and white ethnicity and also a descent of Italian, German, English and Swedish descent.Linda Hogan was born into a Christiana home and was raised Catholic.With her hot body, you can see find her bikini in various related sites.She also had won the Match Game in the late 1970s which also added a lep up to her career path. Her role on the TV and her willingness to put her sexy body on display are among the many reasons that propelled the beauty to stardom.Linda’s rise in popularity has enabled her to join the host of other TV personalities who enjoy roaring success in the industry. Read below: Born on 24 August 1959 in Miami, Florida, Linda Hogan birth name was Linda Marie Bollea.Anyways, the Linda Hogan sex tapes are said to be very good and shows the young boy bending Mrs.

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Following the long love affair, she penned down a book “Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against The Ropes” telling her life story which was published in 2011.As we all know Hulk Hogan had a sex tape video leak shortly after breaking up with Linda featuring a then un-named female and when Hulk was asked about the video he replied that “I have slept with tons of women since the breakup and don’t remember who she is”.Damn must be nice, we guess after the breakup Hulk and Linda went sexual freedom wild, now we are just waiting on one from their daughter Brooke Hogan.The beauty has always made news due to her affairs with famous celebrities.She used to be married to the popular professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan.

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