Lez dating

Later that week we went on a real date, and quickly started spending every spare moment together.

When my birthday approached, Steph asked me how I would introduce her to everyone at my party, and we decided I would introduce her as my girlfriend.

Our relationship moved forward quickly and easily, and we have been inseparable ever since.

Later on in the conversation I worked up the courage to invite her to my upcoming birthday party, and told her she could bring her boyfriend or girlfriend if she had one.She started coming to my classes and making me nervous while I taught.We chatted a couple times and she told me she loved taking hip hop, but was trying to get out of her comfort zone by taking ballet, contemporary, and other styles.Upon getting home, she was trying to do things that challenged her, which led her to take dance classes at a nearby studio.She says that she felt open to the idea of a relationship at that time, but she knew she liked feminine girls and wasn’t meeting any in her circles of hockey friends.

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