Latvian dating video

have the prettiest faces among all women in Europe.

Also, according to a largest ever study of women’s height around the world, Latvian women are considered to be the tallest on the planet.

First of all went for a walk, and talked on various topics; I liked her at the very start of our date immediately and within some time I was attracted even more and more how natural and shy she is.

In the course of communication I was using my tricks, positive conversation, smile and even some pick up skills, but…

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The first date with Latvian girl was near the bus stop close to downtown.

We had sat at the table, talking, I observed that as soon as I held my hand up her arm to her shoulder, she blushed and once even laughed, probably from embarrassment and kept saying – “what are you doing?

” And she also asked me not pay attention to that phrase. In general the dating time was drawing to a close, and I walked her to the bus stop.

She was always shy and said that never shows her feelings first.

She also said that the guys with whom she was dating before thought she is not interested in them, but she just didn’t know how properly show her interest and was too closed and shy and their relation ended with nothing. I always came closer to her no matter what, etc., and then walked her to a taxi. I invited her to my apartment under the pretext to celebrate my birthday that I celebrated few days earlier; I pre-set the table, decorated the room with candles. Before she entered the apartment she was frightened and was asking of surprise is waiting for her.

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