Katherine moennig dating marketa and glen dating

12, and arrived together to pose one after the other at the event’s red carpet.

A couple of days before heading to the gala together, Wood and Moennig enjoyed a hayride with a number of others.

In addition to acting in film and TV, Moennig has quite an impressive list of theatrical features. Katherine Moennig is an American actress who hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She was born Katherine Sian Moennig on December 29, 1977.

Her dad is the maternal half-sister of veteran actress Blythe Danner who is Gwyneth Paltrow’s mom.

That makes Blythe and her brother Harry Danner who is also an actor Moennig’s half-aunt and half-uncle respectively.

Like most aspiring actors, Kath began by doing commercials, one of which was for the now-defunct Fleet Bank.

It didn’t take long before Kath found her footing in Hollywood.

However, over the years, she has been linked with a number of women.It was her way of getting away from Philly where she didn’t want to be tempted into working in her dad’s violin business.Her focus started to build when she enroled at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Luckily for Moennig, her parents who had always understood her lack of interest in academics supported her.However, Moennig wasn’t immediately sure that acting was what she wanted to do in the long run until much later in life.For a long time in her teenage years, Moennig was without focus.

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