Jason momoa and rose mcgowan dating

"Conan the Barbarian" follows the titular character as he embarks on a journey to find Khalar Zym, the vicious warlord responsible for his father's death. Along the way, he crosses path with a mysterious woman named Tamara and discovers that he's destined for great deeds. I want to make you so happy,' " O'Brien said, mimicking the tone of a wimpy man. "And then your character came along." Momoa joked in reply, "It's like, 'Woman. Something very old lady tight has settled into her eyes. And inevitably there will be a know-it-all to email to say that she was in an accident and required some cosmetic surgery to fix it and while this is true, it doesn’t explain why when I saw her in these shots I thought she was Delta Burke.

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"I know my sincerest apology now won't take away those hurtful words, said Momoa, who is married to actress Lisa Bonet.

%c Jason Momoa%, who plays the titular character, turned heads that evening when he smooched %c Rose Mc Gowan% who plays his on-screen enemy's daughter in the movie.

The Khal Drogo of "Game of Thrones" opted gentlemanly look by dressing in a three-piece suit and wearing his long hair a ponytail.

He was doing some kind of budget handprint ceremony, and he was playing with a giant sword for the photo op. Lisa thought she was marrying some young, hot piece that would never break out!

It was kind of sexy, seeing him play with something so big… And now she’s disappointed that everyone wants to ride The Momoa.

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