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Being a big city, Tehran has a huge choice of restaurants.One of my very favourite places is Khorshid Traditional Restaurant in 130 Ravanmehr St., not far from Enghelab Street.READ MORE: For more options and details, check out our guide to the top things to do in Tehran.Not only places to visit in Iran but also great dishes to eat!If you prefer better rooms and are willing to pay more, other options are the popular Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran, a 5-star lodging close to Valiasr and Engelab streets and metro stations (some 300/350 USD per double or twin room), or boutique hotel Aramis, also in Valiasr St. Another Iran destination to include in your itinerary is Shiraz.The homeland of Persian civilization and capital of Fars Province, Shiraz is the city of poets and nightingales.

Do here your shopping if you like to take your time.

Not too expensive but slightly more expensive than a normal restaurant in Tehran. Alighapoo Restaurant in Vanak, beginning of Gandhi Street, District 4, is a beautiful Tehrani traditional restaurant serving different Persian dishes and often showing live Persian music performances.

You can also reserve a table before you go, the price is slightly expensive but worth it as the food is nice and the place gives you a good picture of old Tehran cafes and restaurants.

Here you will walk around jasmine-scented streets, you will test Iranians’ knack for romance and you will visit the immortal vestiges left by Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great.

Here are some of the things to do in Shiraz if you decide to include it in the itinerary of your Iran trip. Impossible to not include Persepolis on your list of places to visit in Iran.

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