Infp trouble dating

They are very empathetic people, so they see the needs of others and want to care for them.

However, healthy Fi Ne’s know that they cannot effectively care for others unless they first care for themselves.

Once they let someone into their world, they are likely to keep that connection open as long as harmony remains between the two.

For example, if the other person shows themselves to be inauthentic or living out a strong opposition to a value the Fi Ne holds, the Fi Ne will retreat from the relationship.

Te is a very logic-oriented way of problem solving.

Ne - extroverted i Ntuition Ne is the main way Fi Ne’s take in information.Fi Ne’s generally prefer only to use Te only when necessary, rather than to make all of their decisions.Overuse of an inferior function can be very draining, and may be unhealthy when constantly given priority over other functions.This means they use their intuition to find patterns, underlying principles, and ideas, and to form connections as they talk, write, or create.Ne flourishes when given new, interesting concepts to consider and consistently seeks out new inspiration from the outside world.

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