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There are quite a few of them out there in cyberspace: since the site went live Aug.

1, 10,000 people have visited and more than 2,000 have signed up. 20 receive a free month of membership, which costs about , depending on the length of the subscription.) Brashier, 50, a hairdresser from southern California, is targeting cancer survivors like herself who may have experienced complications from chemotherapy or radiation that affect the ability to have intercourse, as well as people who cannot have sex for other reasons including paralysis, erectile dysfunction and birth defects.

Nothing puts the kibosh on a one-night stand like announcing that sex is off-limits.

It’s also a pretty serious roadblock to the establishment of a loving relationship, believes Laura Brashier, which is why she’s launched 2date4love, a dating website for men and women who want to fall in love but don’t want to, or can’t have actual intercourse.

Right from the first time I heard you on conference calls here on the Good Men Project, right from the start you have spoken about impotence. How hard was it for you to even begin to say that word, and why do you in this obvious way use that word?

These days with so-called political correctness and the way we say things, I’m sure you know the term now is “erectile dysfunction,” but you use “impotence”; you don’t hesitate to use it. MR: In the beginning it was very hard – no pun intended – because it was 12 years since I had been intimate with a woman before I finally had relations again, this includes the last 11 years of my marriage.

I thought that was a very cruel irony as I looked up to the heavens and said, “Are you kidding me?Then there is the disconnect that the prevalence of porn can put in men’s psyche so that young men even have trouble connecting with real women because porn’s their only sexual release.In this age I find that it’s important to talk about it.—- Fellow Good Men Project contributor Michael Russer would like you to know that impotence doesn’t have to mean the end of your sex life, but can be the beginning of a profoundly more satisfying one.He wants to share what he’s learned with his fellow men, and this very much includes younger guys – who have found that the “hook up” scene winds up leaving them feeling empty and alone. We stayed together until our two children were old enough to be on their own.” But within months after the split, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and the treatments he underwent left him, in his own words, “fully impotent.” It was like a cruel cosmic joke; just when he would have been able to start having a normal sex life as a single guy, he physically could not get an erection.

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