Im 18 dating a 15 nevadaspeeddating com

No my daughter is the 18 year old and he is the 15 year old and I am a teacher so I am required to report any form of child abuse but I don't know if this is a form of child abuse because I can't require her to get checked or prove that intercourse came from this kid.I don't want her to get this on her record but I feel it is wrong for them to see each other and dangerous because of her past history with phone sex.In the past I've caught her having phone sex with some other online person but she swears this hasn't happened with this kid.Doesn't his parents have some sort of responsibility to protect him from her contacting him? I am assuming that you child is the son and the girl is for some other parents.

im 18 dating a 15-11

t=25899 Is your boyfriend really ready to risk arrest, incarceration, and the possiblity of life-long sex offender registration based on an answer you got off the internet? If they already know about the relationship then, I will advise you to speak to them, only if you are certain that they are aware of the relationship.Proof of sexual intercourse can be proven by medical examination by examination of your daughter if it would come to a filing of rape by the parent's of the boy but, it would be difficult to prove non-consensual sex by way of examination.I do feel it is possible that this is sexual and even made her get a pregnancy test which the doctor said was negative but there was no physical exam to prove any sexual activity and because she is 18 I can't make her do anything.I feel like my hands are tied so do I or am I required to report this to the authorities?

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