I omobuwa cam

In the leading judgment, Cletus Nweze, JSC, upheld Mr.

Kalejaiye’s argument of being denied fair hearing in the course of the trial before the LPDC.

It is contestable that any of such really occurred in the case under review.

The worst or the best that the Supreme Court should have done was to order a retrial by a different panel of the LPDC.

Such a cacophony of criticism of the judgment has partly provoked this short review of it.

The apex court accordingly set aside the LPDC decision.

As it has been held in (2003) 4 NWLR (Pt 881), sentiment is not recognized by our courts.

Secondly, the Supreme Court decision in the case fell below expectation because its position that the absence of some of the members of the LPDC during some of the sittings of the LPDC should have been viewed by the court as a mere irregularity that would not be fatal to the decision of the disciplinary body.

The apex court decision has been severely criticized by legal practitioners across the nation.

As a matter of fact, the NBA National Executive Committee meeting, that held in Abuja on March 28, 2019, expressed concern over the judgment while discussing its grave implications.

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