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Nothing makes a Mormon daddy cringe more than a hoodlum dating his daughter. " Anne went to his bed and spread her legs for him. The countertop between the two let Raphael see just Anne's face. Her workspace was a 30" deep countertop about a foot and a half below that. She liked being at her desk with seed oozing from her slit. " "Just hoping you were okay and safe." "That's mighty nice of you Miss Anne." "Well, just call me Anne when no one else is near." "Okay, Miss Anne." "Raphael ... "Might as well toss in the ones you are wearing, too." "I told you I don't have on underwear." "Are you telling me I'd be the first to see you naked? He unbuttoned his shirt first and tossed it into the washer.Anne knew enough about Ed that he could get her juices flowing although she would die if anyone knew about her occasional stray fingers in her crotch. It had been over three years since he fucked a woman. Strange cock was twenty years in her past right up until this moment. As soon as Ed could cum in her she was ripe to cum right along with him. Anne started to cum as soon as his seed started to flood into her. Feeling no guilt for what she had done she smiled at Ed. She fucked Ed again that night and quietly slipped back into bed with Carl. Surely your mother and your ex-wife at the least I am sure. Then took the belt from his pants and dropped them to the floor.

Her job covered the groceries and part of the rent. His wife Anne would ring the door bells and was well received. What Anne never revealed was that a couple of times per week she would encounter men at home alone and if cute enough she'd let him fuck her.

It's funny how wives thought fucking the boss was good job insurance for their spouse. Also, Carl had a decent dick to pump into them and knew how to use it. Anne gave up getting fucked by strange cock back in her flyer distribution days, remaining otherwise faithful.

Carl had that incident at the cabin in the mountains with his daughter that was still going on after two years.

Because of that his wife and family enjoyed the better things in life.

Big vacations, fancy cars, and a lot of the right connections in life.

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