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take as long as you need.'" She shared that she wanted to adopt a child together, and he swiftly responded, "'I don't need a minute.'" That's when Kotb said, "I knew I’d chosen the right man.” show co-hosts over the phone, "You know what's funny? That's exactly how I felt with Haley and Joel and everything. tennis coach Burzis Kanga, told On Watch What Happens Live in 2018, she was asked if they were going to pull a Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell—as in, stay together for 35 blissful years without ever drawing up the paperwork.

Joel and I were standing there when they hand you the baby, and it's the closest thing to a live birth you'll ever see, but in that moment I was like, 'Oh my God, my heart just grew.'"Kotb, who was previously married to former U.

Now he’s among the very famous faces from the Middle East Region.

He’s not a bad man; he’s a substantial quantity of money in his pockets.

She calls the relationship "the most natural one I've ever been in," and although wedding bells may not be in their future, Kotb has said, "I’m going to be with Joel until my last breath."Here's everything we know about the happy parents. Or, according to Linked In, more specifically, he's the Head of U. Defined Contribution and Insurance Sales at an investment management company, which sure sounds fancy. They were bored..." But before she could leave, she had to sign a few photographs, and that's when Schiffman caught her attention. (We'd like to assume with a ) With that, Kotb confirmed with someone else at the event that the "Jewish gentleman," as she described him to Cohen, was indeed single, and passed along her email address so they could be connected.She was signing books after her talk when Schiffman approached her.Before revealing his identity, Kotb shared the meetcute on the talk show "It was one of those events they ask us to speak at and it was pouring rain and it was a bunch of Wall Street guys. "They asked me to sign some books and one guy is like, ."Afterwards, a contact from the event emailed Joel, who emailed Hoda back. Meeting each other's friends Kotb and Gifford have co-hosted the boozy fourth hour of since 2007. It's a little odd."Starting a family The then-52-year-old Kotb and 58-year-old Schiffman adopted baby girl Haley Joy in February 2017.He generally spends his cash on his lavish customs.He’s quite fond of automobiles and that he now possesses an Audi S5, that can be worth about ,000.

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