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The stigma around sex is waning and very few people have the gumption to ask a woman how many partners she's had.Full disclosure: I'm 27, and I can tally the number of my sexual partners on two hands.or, at least amongst European and North American countries included in the study. In France, you can have up to 16 lovers before new ones start throwing their world-renowned judgment your way.The Italians and the Dutch were most conservative, preferring their SOs to have no more than 12 and 11 partners, respectively.

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As it turns out, the average number of sexual partners varies drastically from state to state.If it's your partner doing the sharing, remember you can rest assured that, should they say that magic number seven, they're almost definitely stretching the truth.On social media, the constant flow of girl power posts enforces the idea that women can do whatever the f*ck they want.When we talk about women's sex numbers, however, things get a little less Beyoncé-approved.Since the '60s, sexual liberation has seen an upturn in popularity.

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