Georgia law on dating while divorcing

If there is a long term marriage and the requesting spouse has been dependent on the other spouse for support for these years the court will grant permanent alimony and not abandon the requesting spouse to the retirement years without income or employment.However, the court will consider the requesting spouse’s receipt of pensions and/or other retirement assets.A qualifying event does not allow you to change your type of coverage (i.e., PPO to United Healthcare or Prepaid Dental to Regular Dental).It is the employee’s responsibility to submit required documents within the time allowed (30 days).Notify your Human Resources department of your divorce or separation.You must submit the required documents within 30 days of your divorce or legal separation because this event will affect your spouse’s continued eligibility for benefits.

Your ex-spouse may continue group medical and/or dental coverage under state and federal continuation provisions, commonly referred to as COBRA.

Due to the divorce, you may wish to change the beneficiary designation for: Contact the Ga Breeze Benefits Call Center at 1-877-342-7339 or online at

A qualifying event only allows you to add or delete a coverage level (i.e., You Only to You Family, or You Family to You Only coverage).

The most significant factor when determining the award of any spousal support is the length of the marriage.

If you were married for a short time your chances of receiving alimony significantly decrease based on the years of the marriage.

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