Georgia law dating during divorce

Examples of evidence on Facebook to be used in divorce: Husband sets his profile as single and childless while seeking custody.

Facebook was found to be the biggest online source, followed by My Space and Twitter.Additionally, if at all possible, remember to discuss with the custodian of the system the possible abbreviations used by the party in question. These and other miscellaneous information can be found on: hard drives, floppy disks, optical disks, flash drives, network storage, remote storage, cell and smart phones and virtually any electronic source.Try to focus on important dates that might help sift through potentially voluminous amounts of information. 26(a)(1)(C)- Obligates parties to provide opponents with copies of or descriptions of documents, data compilations, and tangible things in a party's possession, custody, or control. The Stored Communications Act ("SCA") can also come into play in a variety of electronic discovery settings.Communications might provide for abundant examples of verbal abuse or promises broken.If allegations of substance abuse or adultery have been leveled, you might consider mining for geolocation data that can show husband or wife was at the bar instead of the soccer game.

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