If you’ve played Fallout 3, or Skyrim, or any other of Bethesda’s Fallout or Elder Scrolls games, you’ll know what to expect here.This time though, it is all next-gen, and is the most highly anticipated game in the series so far.Play as Michael, Trevor and Franklin and live your own American dream.For those of you who haven’t played, Mirror’s Edge puts you in the role of Faith Conners, a ‘runner’ who takes messages around a dystopian futuristic city in a parkour style way.Expect more stunning visuals and super fast battle mechanics in the staple of fighting games.Characters will involve old favourites, and also some new, a fresh set of fighting styles and techniques.Set in 1984, during the Soviet War, Snake (you) will venture on a path of vengeance, righting wrongs that happened in Ground Zeroes, and rescue your former partner, who is being held captive in Afghanistan.Released earlier this year in May, The Witcher 3 has won over 200 awards and set a new bar for RPG gaming.

I’m looking forward to finding out more about this instalment and telling you guys about it as soon as I know.Set in post-apocalyptic Boston, it is a free-roaming, choose-your-own-path adventure. From the E3 trailer, it appears that the game starts as the nukes start dropping and then you awaken, 200 years later, around the time the other Fallout games are set. Due out 8th March next year, expect more Clancy tactical and strategic gameplay, set in a world that has completely broken down.The new Star Wars game will be available on the 17th November this year and will undoubtedly be the most realistic galaxy yet.

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