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Its civilization is one of the oldest in the world and starts about the 10th century B. With a line of brilliant minds from, Menelik I, was the son King Solomon and the queen of Sheba, Lalibela the 13th century king show build beautiful churches, Musical composer Yared from the 15th century.

Emperor and statesman Haile Selassie, as well as famous musicians (very ecliptic music) and long distance runners. About 2/3 of this North East African country are Christians ,1/3 Muslim and a Jewish population that could be the lost tribe of Israel.

Bottom line is I can recommend these girls from Ethiopia for marriage generally, as it is a conservative society.

Of course people are all different and I am just talking about the culture.

An autosomal DNA study in the year 2001 revealed that 62% of Ethiopians have the same DNA pattern as Ashkenazi Jews, Norwegians, and Armenians. Here’s something to think about: Ethiopian girls are the opposite of African girls. When you find the right match for you, don't forget to message them instantly connect with them tonight. Check out the the profiles below to see someone to talk to Contact them and video chat about anything.The answer is for me ethnicity does not matter, however ethics do, and many of these Ethiopian women are highly moral.Further, have you ever seen photos of Ethiopian models? Try to look up these Ethiopian girl names, Bewunetwa Abebe, Gelila Bekele, Anna Getaneh, Liya Kebede, Angel Melaku, Sara Nuru and you will find some amazing pictures of models from Ethiopia.

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