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In an era when dating seems to be more about garnering likes and swipes, we've held true to our belief that you'll get a better dating experience when you are matched with people based on a multitude of shared values and interests, rather than simply looks alone.

Over 80% of our members say they are looking for a serious, long-term relationship, and we help make that happen.

The Light Body is the name given to our hidden spiritual body and is referenced in many sacred traditions, he explained.

The Mayans prophesized that enlightened beings would emerge from a serpent rope (possibly a stargate or wormhole) from the center of our galaxy in 2012, and Egyptian traditions also speak of beings of light, he noted.

Henry's investigation in Abydos, Egypt uncovered depictions of the 'Osiris Device,' which he described as a kind of a energy tower that could also serve as a teleporter for light beings.

Its good to talk about your passions and I have a... It is going to lead to a lovely relationship, possibly marriage. Have met someone through the site with whom I am happily developing what we both believe will be a long term and deep relationship.

Through this site, so many thanks to the team, a well organised and safe site for people like me looking for a serious relationship. Delighted by the response I had through my membership and consider myself extremely lucky to have ended up in the position I now find myself in.

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