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Learn an instrument, experiment in the kitchen, try a new workout routine — do things that raise your self-esteem while taking your mind off of you-know-who.

If you can find someone to join you in your old or new hobbies, this is also helpful.

He loves train travel, writing fiction, and leaping out of planes.

In her Psychology Today article "How to Get Over an Ex," Ph. student Samantha Joel suggests relying on another friend to help you deal with emotional turbulence.

By all means, slowly continue to explore her as a potential mate.

But look for a few of the signs that are a good indication that you may be the in-between guy until she finds someone better. She insists on going to places she and her ex once visited.

For example, whenever you've had a rough day at work, instead of texting your ex, text a different friend, or even a family member.

Even when you’re excited to share good news, turn to a friend rather than your ex.

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