Dependency property not updating

Whenever there is a notified change on any of those properties, expressions with display Name in them will also be refreshed.The dependency is completely evaluated in the generated binding class.The kind of crappy part is there is some manual work you have to do to make this work right.Not only that but the binding works out to be fairly ugly.While the underlying data model is relatively normalized — data isn’t duplicated in multiple properties — the view model is tailored to what shows in the UI.This means that properties often interact with each other.In Android Studio 2.3, you can now declare a bindable property to depend on other properties: The Bindable annotation now takes an optional parameter to declare dependencies.The display Name property is declared to be dependent on the first Name, last Name, and user Name properties.

There are a lot of complex operations that the view model controls in terms of handling states and progress bars.It isn’t great that the property that is the dependency (e.g.set First Name()) must also notify that its dependent property changes.Android Studio 2.3 has been released and I can talk a little about the data binding features that you’ll be able to use with it.One of the cool new things you can do is create dependent properties.

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