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Perhaps the argument could be made that judge Nance refused to allow the comment in court because the state failed to connect the tweet to Johnson, but it’s a no brainer that Johnson’s relative, one of the initial people questioned by police during the beginning of the Barnes teen disappearance investigation, more than likely had advanced information regarding what happened to Barnes.

The connection is that the young woman and the Johnson cousin were regulars at Phylicia’s older half sibling’s apartment around the time the child had gone missing.

The case has been listed in the Maryland Judicial Case Docket with a November 7, 2013 retrial date, and not the anticipated October 1, 2013 date previously listed.

Rumors have circulated that defense counsel Russell Neverdon will no longer be representing Michael Johnson during his 2nd Degree Murder retrial for killing young Phylicia Barnes.

It has been proven at the very least, Johnson family members and friends had discussed among themselves what happened to Phylicia Barnes, and was even discretely mentioned on social media.

A girlfriend of Johnson’s cousin tweeted on January 28, 2010 “it’s trapped at the dam, don’t pull the lever”, a shocking revelation which occurred months before the teen’s nude body was discovered at the Conowingo Dam in Northern Maryland.

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Th older half sibling’s failure to convey to police at the very least, what she had previously witnessed Johnson attempt to do to Phylica, is highly probable that the investigation may have been directed toward Johnson as a suspect early on, and may have also resulted in the child being found alive.Prosecutors were aware that evidence had surfaced impeaching Mc Cray’s testimony, but for some unknown reason the state failed to follow established discovery laws.State law requires prosecutors to turn over all exculpatory evidence against a defendant, by not doing so violated Johnson’s constitutional rights, and judge Nance ruled that “while the defendant isn’t guaranteed a perfect trial, he is entitled to a fair one” striking down Johnson’s conviction.Misconduct by prosecutors related to the Mc Cray witness isn’t the only eyebrow raising issue with the state’ case.The state actually rolled the dice on this witness and it became apparent when Mc Cray testified that Johnson summonsed him to the teen’s older half sibling’s apartment soliciting help disposing of her body.

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