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These can never match the huge computer astronomy programs (important extra details) at the scientific institutions. in the new (fresh) issue of the journal of the history of science Centaurus 2000 vol. - (My research shows two possible dates for the [such kind of] solar eclipse, one retro-calculation with "Voyager" software came up with June 1, 1478 BC; the other, Julian date August 23, 1463BC) ...". Ancient Star Charts: The word "star" comes from the Greek term meaning heavenly body; - Bronze Age 'star chart' found March 2nd ; - Lascaux, France, 17,000 years ago: in star pictures of the Pleiades; - Prehistoric Star Maps Identified In France And Spain; - New Discovery in Ancient Egyptian Star Map ( ...". I have read your article "Dating the Oldest Egyptian Star Map" with great interest.

All this is being taken care of in the treatise and carefully emphasized in the text. 42 pp 159-179, publishing the paper of Ove von Spaeth, 'Dating the Oldest Egyptian Star Map' ...". this important and fascinating paper - many congratulations on the research is a major advance. I agree with your conclusions as to the general positions in the sky of the planets, the sun and the moon and the general dating of the configuration.

The data encoded in this map, and its significance, has for the first time been investigated by Danish researcher and is published in July-August 2000 in the international journal of the history of the exact sciences, "Centaurus", vol. The map's configurations, which have been considered as mythic representations, are now seen to be depictions of a rare gathering of planets in well-defined celestial positions.

The information contained in the map refers to a specific point of time.

* - that the treatise on the dating contained in the Senmut star map never states that the mentioned solar eclipse had been observed in Egypt. A presentation of newly discovered data of special importance to Egyptology, ancient history, and astronomy - and, typically, studies of chronology - as well as related culture and science of Egypt's 18th dynasty and ancient Near East.

The re-evaluation of this and of subsequent maps, together with the data contained therein, gives birth to new perspectives.

By introducing these reference points of time - substantiated in astronomical terms - the appropriate chronology of the epoch in question, which has been much disputed, may now be dated with considerably greater precision than possible before.

a close encounter of the planets) in which a unique pattern of the positions of the planets concentrated within a defined sector of the sky, it therefore contains information unmistakably related to a fixed point of time.

It has been possible to calculate this as May 1534 BC, (ed.: any doubts about the accuracy of the calculations?

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