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The compact is about 3 inches by 2 by 1/2 inch in depth.

I am showing you lots of photos so you can see how really fabulous this purse is.

Mesh bags are still made and used today, but the ones shown here are circa 1890-1930s.

Prominent makers include Mandalian and Whiting Davis.

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The black and white enameled design is a classic from the Deco era when Whiting & Davis produced several high-end quality compact mesh purses, for which they have become well known for and have led the industry for many decades.

View #P24760 WHITING DAVIS baby mesh purse with Deco style gold tone frame, circa 1930, 4" by 6" with enclosed matching 2-1/4" round mirror.

A catalogue purses like this can be seen in the 1932 Denver Jewelers Buying Guide.

The metal is in fine condition, no dents or damages, just a few light scratches, certainly nothing distracting.

The rear hinge is secure and the blue tipped cabochon clasp has a snug closure.

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