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This is known as Cuffing Season — a time of year when couples stay indoors and singles desperately search for a partner to weather the cold with them.As we’ve discussed throughout this article, people cheat for a variety of personal reasons.To date, 54 million users have relied on Ashley Madison to find an affair partner, and its internal questionnaires can lend insight into why men and women cheat.Kristin joined Ashley Madison in search of an escape from married life, and she found a discreet, nonjudgmental community to call her own.Seattle and Denver came in first and second, respectively, on the list. Dallas, San Jose, Houston, and Austin made it into the top 10, while San Antonio was 17th and Fort Worth was 19th on the list.From Philadelphia to Los Angeles, Ashley Madison’s user base has strongholds across the U. According to the site’s internal data, some of the biggest cities in the country also have the highest concentration of affair seekers.

Men on the site seem much more likely to take the plunge and actually solicit an affair — 44% of men on Ashley Madison said they have had an affair, while just 39% of women said the same.

Couples make their own rules and set boundaries based on how secure they feel in the relationship.

Ashley Madison’s users defined cheating in a variety of ways.

The more she chatted and flirted, the more she realized her true nature as a polyamorous dater.

She said she has dated 15 men so far, and she’s still happily married.

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