Dating ultrasound what to expect

Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the inside of the body. It is safe, painless and relatively quick test that usually takes around 30 minutes.The technician will put a warm gel on your abdomen and use a scanning device to get the ultrasound images. What is the normal procedure in Canada for a dating scan/ultrasound? Does the technician show you pictures or tell you anything? However at my 7 week dating ultrasound they showed me the little peanut and let me listen to the heartbeat and printed me a picture because I asked for 1, but I know every place does things differently.They just told me to follow up with my doctor and didn’t tell me anything further or show me anything on the screen. I had mine closer to 11 weeks, and they did show me the screen but didn’t talk about anything they were really looking at. Just had my anatomy scan and you saw everything, absolutely amazing and they explained what they were seeing. the clinic I went to had a giant sign saying they aren't allowed to disclose ultrasound results to patients; the doctor must review them first and then discuss with you.The ultrasound clinic here does not tell you anything or even let you look at the screen.All the reports go to your doctor and they discuss the results with you.

Ultrasound is not used to diagnose pregnancy, but is used to date a pregnancy and assess numerous health aspects of the fetus and mother.The ultrasonographer will take many measurements of your baby to screen for any abnormalities.Images will be captured to view the development of your baby’s brain, face, heart, spine, chest, major organs, feet, and hands.If you are at high risk for fetal abnormalities, anatomic ultrasound can be performed during early pregnancy (11-16 weeks).If the baby’s sex is determined during the ultrasound, you have the right to request this information.

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