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Even the photos of Jang Nara and Kim Nam Gil are pictures from other news outlets.Dispatch said that they don't know about them dating. t/n: Jang Nara uploaded on her Instagram, "This post isn't an explanation or an excuse. A post someone wrote that has no footing or ending became a matter of fact overnight and it's becoming a story.Lee Jin Sung (Zack) is a tall teenager with a lean, muscular physique similar to Hyung Suk's (Daniel).As a result of past boxing training, his body is still quite intimidating despite neglecting it for some time.This greatly boosted his ego which, when in conjunction with his very short and bad temper, was the reason for most, if not all, his fights and was also the reason for his violence towards the weak.After meeting Hyung Suk, Jin Sung slowly changed in ways that he has probably not even noticed, or is even aware of, these changes. He has matured greatly in quite a short span of time as he is polite to even those who are rude to him.He is seen often telling them off on their unjust actions without resorting to violence.Jin Sung has become somewhat diplomatic, as he will try to reason with people preferring to avoid conflict.

He had helped Mi Jin on many occasions - one of those occasions being life threatening as her appendix had burst and Jin Sung rushed her as fast as he could to the hospital, saving her.t/n: On an online community, there's rumors spreading that Dispatch uploading a report about Jang Nara and Kim Nam Gil getting married and quickly deleted the report.According to the "screenshot" that was taken, the screenshot said: "[Exclusive] Great actor Kim Nam Gil and baby face beauty Jang Nara getting married in November after 7 years of dating" but in the screenshot, the picture of Jang Nara had another news company's logo on it.It has never been said, in this regard, that you may have money problems and buy top-notch clothing (just as it is important to impress Mi Jin).Jin Sung had known Mi Jin since childhood, and yet he had liked her.

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