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Our latest measurements show that cosmic rays are intensifying, with an increase of more than 18% since 2015: The data points in the graph above correspond to the peak of the Reneger-Pfotzer maximum, which lies about 67,000 feet above central California.

Another reason could be the weakening of Earth's magnetic field, which helps protect us from deep-space radiation. Book a combination aurora borealis chase and scenic day tour during the months of September, October or November 2019 for the special price of 1800 kr. Last week in China, a photographer captured a rare photo of a "super sprite"--a gigantic tentacled jet leaping up from the stormy wake of Typhoon White Deer.See the picture and learn more about these strange forms of upward-directed lightning here. Sacha Layos sends this picture from Fairbanks, Alaska. "This was our first show of the season, and it did not disappoint!Using this unique dataset, we can predict the dosage on any flight over the USA with an error no worse than 15%.E-RAD lets us do something new: Every day we monitor approximately 1400 flights criss-crossing the 10 busiest routes in the continental USA.

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