Dating sims for ps2

Some of those sound really interesting, but I never knew Baldr Force was a digital comic-style game. I've played thru Doukyuusei (PC Engine CD) with no trouble and was able to score a few girls at the end, and I'm currently working my way thru Can Can Bunny Extra (PC-FX) and writing a guide as I go along.

But some games I just can't really figure out, like, for instance, Graduation (PC-FX, I forget the Japanese name).

There ARE legal free downloadable japanese dating sim games though.Certain events occur at specific time intervals during each month, the game last for about a year roughly.By that same token 'Kimi ga Nozomu Eien' is another DC visual novel I collected simply because I enjoyed the anime so much, a real tearjerker 'Rumbling Hearts' was.I expected the song 'Rumbling Hearts' would play during the transition break, as it did in the anime, but didn't quite expect the FMV montage footage.It felt kinda outta place, given the nature of what it was showing after what happened.

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