Dating romanian women for 100

Most of young Romanian girls go to Universities as to get education is sort of a habit and must in the country. Man, there are so many pretty girls walking down the streets everywhere that you are going to be out of mind by visiting this country for at least a week, though, I assume after a week this feeling gets a little more dull in order not to make man going really crazy, it’s like a protective gear of man’s body system.Do you imagine such a hot mixture: sexy, hot and intelligent girl at the same time? Sometimes there is a feeling you are on some fashion week and only models surround you everywhere.

One more major thing is ability and willing to take care of the family, to take care of kids.The color of skin is a little dark, but only 20% of women have such color of skin, the rest look like Polish, Ukrainian or Russian girls; usual European type.The color of eyes also varies from dark brown to deep blue and green.Personally, I think it is not really truth, because such an attitude to life is made by years of behavior and very important here in which society this girl had grown up and what was that real upbringing in the family.Romanian women are rise in a culture where man is honored and man is the head of the family, that is why they are not emancipate and take it for granted, they like to be conquered by the man and create happy family for him and husband is also happy as he has such a nice, pretty, intelligent and caring wife near.

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