Dating prehistoric pottery

Along the Zeya River, the earliest art of this type was discovered at Gromatukha, dating to 13,500.By comparison, the oldest clay-fired pots in Siberia, dating to 11,900 BCE, was excavated at Ust-Kyakhta near Lake Baikal.Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.Join Britannica's Publishing Partner Program and our community of experts to gain a global audience for your work!• Introduction • Location • Upper Paleolithic Pottery (14,000-10,000 BCE) • Initial Neolithic (10,000-7,000 BCE) • Late Neolithic (5,000-1000 BCE) - Middle Amur - Lower Amur • Related Articles Ancient pottery may have originated briefly in Europe, with the clay-fired Venus of Dolni Vestonice (26,000 BCE), but its true home was in East Asia, where it emerged in the form of Xianrendong Cave Pottery (18,000 BCE).

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However, there is evidence that a more sedentary lifestyle was beginning to take root, both along the Amur and in nearby Japan.During the Late Paleolithic, after the Ice receded, the Amur and its tributaries would have functioned as important waterways ("cultural highways") along which people would have moved, traded and exchanged artistic traditions, just as they do today.During the Neolithic, in particular, the Amur connected the Pacific coast with the Siberian interior, while the whole Amur River Basin was a region where traders from China and Central Asia brought agricultural produce, livestock, trinkets and pottery to the Siberian borderlands.The lifestyle at all the sites in the Amur region, during the Upper paleolithic, was based on hunting, gathering and foraging, as well as intensive use of local aquatic resources.Their pottery assemblages, as well as methodology, were stylistically separate from one other and are considered to be local inventions.

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