Dating my husband while separated

Since this couple had been having marital issues so severe that they had separated as a result, this process certainly wouldn’t hurt their marriage and would likely help it. She was worried that she was going to work very hard to repair the marriage only to have him cheat again in the future.I felt that one very important thing to consider was that, in several years of marriage, he had been faithful – even during the very difficult times that preceded their separation.He swears he didn’t mean for it to happen and says that he still wants to work on our marriage.But sometimes when we argue, he’ll admit that although he is sorry, he thinks I should not be as hard on him because we were separated at the time he was intimate with someone else.If she did, I didn’t feel that there would be any short cuts or that she would have an easier time simply because they were separated.They were still going to have to work hard to restore the trust and to rebuild the foundation that the infidelity had shaken to its core.

I have not dated other people and certainly wouldn’t. Even though we’re separated, I’m every bit as devastated by his cheating. ” Although Being Intimate With Anyone Other Than Your Spouse Is Cheating, The Fall Out Of Infidelity During A Separation Often Depends On Whether You And Your Spouse Decided To Be Faithful During It: Perhaps I’m a bit biased because I have , but I truly believe that any time some one is unfaithful while they are still married (even during a separation) this is by definition cheating.Most of the time, in situations where both spouses have agreed to try to be faithful, the fall out when one spouse steps outside of their marriage is much more severe.Because the faithful spouse has made good on their promise and doesn’t understand how the other couldn’t do this.Not only that, but many faithful spouses will usually argue that the situation is now twice as bad because of the cheating.After all, the whole idea was to hope that being apart would make you realize that you wanted to save your marriage because you missed the other person.

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