Dating my friends daughter

The author manages really well to show his misgivings as well as his utter fascination with an intern he shouldn't be coveting.I think this novella is qu A dirty office romance with a little conspiracy thrown in the middle.He knows Cora as the smoking hot redhead in the lobby but once he learns her identity realizes his business partnership is his main priority above his lusty thoughts for Cora.Once Jack calls Michael to have him attend a meeting with potential investors, his is beyond angry that he was blindsided.

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Only thing is Cora is Michael’s business partner’s daughter and she is their new intern. I (f 24) was raised by my comparatively young single dad (40). Still, I had the best childhood I could ever wish for.When it comes to women, my dad was always honest with me. I don't want to know that they've been together for three months before telling me, I don't want to know anything about their relationship.The conflict is not emotional this time, but it's rooted in the business. Lots of dirty steamy times, good writing style, and the fun is guaranteed. Wanting your close friends daughter is bad but when said friend is also your business partner things could get sticky.Michael Foster walks into work one day to find an alluring redhead waiting at reception. Received an earlier version and this is what I really thought of it. Penny Wylder went there and delivered on this hot Office romance that is sure to keep you warm! This book is full of a naughty romance and a betrayal.

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