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These records were, in the vast majority of cases, originally retained for pension purposes.The records include: See sections 4, 5 and 6 for more advice on pension and discharge records, including how to find those that are not online.Many of the most detailed records of soldiers from this period are available online and it is possible to search for these records with no more than a soldier’s name, though you will usually need some way of distinguishing him from other soldiers with the same name, such as his date of birth.Search and download British Army service, pension and discharge records from uk (£).Search for and download service records of the Household Cavalry () from records series WO 119 on uk for men awarded out-pensions by the Board of Kilmainham Hospital.Search the Royal Hospital Chelsea regimental registers of pensioners who served in Canada () between 17 from record series WO 97 and WO 120 on uk.If an individual received an army pension there is a better than average chance that there will be a record for him.

Step 3: Search for a record of discharge (see section 7) Most soldiers were not discharged to pension and for those that weren’t the number and detail of surviving records is likely to be reduced.

There remains a significant number of British Army records for soldiers from this period that cannot be viewed online.

To view these records, the most significant of which are highlighted in the following sections of this guide, you will either need to visit us to view them in person at our building in Kew, order copies of records to be sent to you (you will need the exact reference for the record) or pay for research.

These were hospitals set up, in 16 respectively, to administer army pensions and look after army pensioners.

The hospitals in Ireland and England reflected the separate army establishments for the two countries, which did not become joined until the Act of Union in 1800.

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