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The three photographers - Yas, Noriega, and Zanotti - produced arguably the most extensive photographs on culture and ethnicity in Guatemala in the late 19 th and early 20th centuries.

Their images document the evolving nature of interethnic relations in Guatemala, the emerging syncretism and dialogue between native cultures and Western culture, and the broad cultural change provoked by the expansion of the coffee industry as of the late 19th century.

The glass plates are extremely fragile and susceptible to breaking, further flaking, and scratching caused by dust and age.

The fragility of the glass plates requires expert handling and thus the plates are not accessible to researchers or the general public except in exceptional circumstances.

Stratigraphic and sedimentological analysis as well as the Foraminifers record of the Jurassic and Cretaceous Formations, in the southern part of the Maya Block in Guatemala, show that the Todos Santos, San Ricardo, Cobán, Campur and Sepur Formations constitute a lithostratigraphic group, characteristic of the southern margin of this block, from the present Pacific coast to the Caribbean shore of eastern Guatemala.

Kohei Yasu (who became Juan José de Jesús Yas in Guatemala) was the first person to migrate from Japan to Guatemala in 1877.Taken by the photographers Juan de Jesús Yas (Japan's first immigrant to Guatemala), José Domingo Noriega, and the Mexican of Italian descent Italian Tomás Zanotti, the images are central to the understanding of ethnicity and culture in Guatemala.Inherently fragile and made more so by climatic and geologic conditions in Guatemala, the glass plate negatives will be transferred onto flexible negatives, copied digitally, and made publicly available for the first time to researchers and the general public.With some cleaning and repair, these glass plate negatives will transfer well onto internegatives.These two collections are the only significant collections of images of their kind in existence today.

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