Dating in fable 2

But if it's passion you want, you can have a "special hug" with your partner, and, if you go the unprotected route (the player who doesn't initiate the sexing will have to acknowledge it's unprotected sex), you could end up with a little rugrat.

At that point, you two being important, busy hero-ing types, you can hire a nanny to watch the little one.

"Marriage and business partnership is a real gaming mechanic," Molyneux said.

With the ability to merge assets, gain wealth and real estate, marriage can be more than just a "gimmick." There's also the option of a "business partnership" if you'd rather keep things professional instead of passionate.

There are a hundred reasons to buy and love this game, first and foremost is the pure undiluted charm this game radiates!"The only thing is when they leave a level – and levels are pretty big – then they both have to agree to leave that level at that time.There's a mining camp, there's a village, there's a demon door, there's a lot of playability in the levels.Also your world map is in your inventory and not brilliantly user friendly.I feel like it would have been much better to have a mini-map in the top right hand corner of the screen that you could of set locations on.

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