Dating in dutch culture

When you think ‘regular’ women are complicated, you haven’t dated any Dutch women yet! So when you ask us a question, but you don’t actually want to know the answer (for example if we like your shoes…) and instead wanna be sweet talked, then do NOT ask this question! And here it’s where it actually goes wrong a lot of times (even with Dutchmen, trust me). So this means we could love you till death, but still want to hang on to our own house when we move in together.

If you do manage to bag yourself a Dutchmen, and end up moving in with him, you’ll be the witness to an incredible transformation. Dutch women, even though they typically only contribute less than 25% of income to the household, firmly rule the roost and wear the trousers at home.

Cause when you’re running out of money, what will they do with their shoebox? And then, Dutch woman (and yes, I’m talking very much in general, so just take it as my opinion) don’t like makeup too much.

We prefer to be natural beauties, even when we are not that beautiful.

50% 50% of course, because we are no monsters either.

But if you don’t know how to cook and/or do the dishes and don’t know how to clean, I would rethink about dating a Dutch woman.

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